Quartett aus dem Web – 3 neue Online-Tipps

Quartett auswählen, Box öffnen, Karten rausholen, mischen, austeilen – ganz schön beschwerlich. Zum Glück funktioniert das Quartett-Spielprinzip auch am Computer oder sogar per Tablet und Smartphone! Hier ein paar neuere Online-Empfehlungen für Freunde des digitalen Stichs:

Megatrumpf-Online-QuartettAuf megatrumpf.com könnt ihr mit echten Menschen Quartett spielen, und zwar sowohl auf dem Computer als auch per Smartphone (Es müssen aber nicht beide Spieler gleichzeitig online sein). Derzeit gibt es ein Traktorquartett, als registrierter Mitspieler kannst du aber auch dein eigenes Quartett mit Fotos und Angaben hochladen. Viel Spaß!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-08 um 21.12.28Die Hamburger Softwareentwickler Robstar haben die Trumps-App herausgebracht, mit der du per iPhone oder iPad gegen menschliche Mitspieler oder den Computergegner zockst. Du kannst unter diversen Themen wählen, von Autos über süße Welpen bis zu Damenhandtaschen (!).

Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-08 um 21.36.55Für Freunde der kuriosen Quartettthemen empfiehlt sich das CodeQuartett, bei dem man mit  Computersprachen spielt. Die Angaben sind z.B. Nerdfaktor oder Zahl der Dialekte. Ausgerechnet dieses abgefahrene Quartett soll jetzt ganz konventionell gedruckt werden – interessant ist, dass es als „Crowdfunding-Projekt“ finanziert wird.

Nachtrag: Mittlerweile bin ich stolzer Besitzer des CodeQuartetts (Dank an Johann) und ja, es ist schon ziemlich abgedreht! In retro-mäßiger Monitor-Optik werden Cobol, Basic, Fortran, C++ und anderes Fachchinesisch vorgestellt. Lustig ist auch die Packung mit minimalen Systemvoraussetzungen (und den Worten DON’T PANIC in großen grünen Buchstaben…). Erhältlich im Shop von Suplanus.

11 Gedanken zu “Quartett aus dem Web – 3 neue Online-Tipps

  1. Moin moin, online Quartettspielen mag zwar zeitgemäß sein, jedoch denke ich, dass wir „Quartettologen der alten Schule“ zum traditionellen Kartenspiel neigen. Es geht um ideelle Werte, Seltenheit, Begehrtheit von Spielen etc.
    Online kann ja jeder 😉
    Sammlergruß JÖRG

  2. Could be something for the ’new‘ generation, but I don’t think it will be popular by the ‚oldtimers‘ amongst us 🙂

    It’s the same with comic books (I collect those too, I have around 3500 in my collection). It would be a lot cheaper for me to buy the online versions, but I want to feel the comic, I want to smell it…

    • Hi Giacomo,

      for me this is quite similar – I also prefer playing with real cardgames and real cards; also because you then can see the faces of the other players and watch their reactions directly. But maybe playing cards via the internet can also be interesting somehow, although it is possilbly a little strange feeling then.

      Maybe another example: I also collect vinyl-records (especially from the 80’s). Although I could listen to the most of these songs and tracks on YouTube and on various internet-radio-platforms (what I also do sometimes, too, I have to admit here), I still prefer listening to the music I like from the original vinyls. Because it’s just another feeling and atmosphere then – concerning the sound, watching the cover and so on.

      By the way, what kind of comic-books do you mostly collect? Some special series?

      Nice Greetings


  3. @Sandra: I have a broad interest in comic books. There are the usual suspects like Tim und Struppi (Although I think it is overrated), then I like Lucky Luke and Asterix. Then you have series which are not really for kids like XIII and one of my favourites: Thorgal: see http://www.splitter-verlag.eu/thorgal-bd-32-die-schlacht-von-asgard.html . But my all-time-favourite are the worlds of Aldebaran. I found a link in German text about this comic: it is really an absolute great comic to read! see http://www.comicgate.de/aldebaran-gesamtausgabe.html

    But I don’t collect quartett games with comic characters… 🙂

    • Hi Giacomo,

      that’s interesting! And thank you for that internet-links!

      I like Asterix, too! Although I still only have got 5 or 6 Asterix-comic-books which remained from my teenagerdays.

      By the way – do you know the comic-book-series „Suske en Wiske“?

      I never heard about that comics „XIII“, „Thorgal“ and „Aldebaran“ ever before, but I know that label „Splitter“, because my boyfriend has a comic-book from that label called „Die Kobolde“ (and also some other comic-series from that label, I’ll mention below).

      Concerning comics for adults – in the middle of the 90’s there was a kind of a real hype here in germany with those comic-books for adults (especially with the genres horror and erotic); there existed two magazines here in germany – one called „U-Comix“ and the other one called „Schwermetall“; these two mags (both issued by „Alpha-Verlag“) compiled parts of those comic-books for adults in there issues. I read a lot of those comic-magazines during these times.
      My all-time-favorites of these comics for adults are these comic-book-series: „Barbarella“ (by Jean-Claude Forest – these are real classics!), „Aliens“ (comic-books which refer to the Alien-movies; these comics are quite hard stuff and very cruel and really not made for children), then a comic-book-series called „666“ (by Froideval / Tacito – about the demonic goddess Lilith – a cruel but also very funny series! Also issued by the label „Splitter“!) and also a comic-book called „Sasmira – der Ruf“ (that’s the german title – by Laurent Vicomte and issued by the label „Splitter“, too).
      And did you ever heard about these comic-books: „Justine“ (by Guido Crepax – that was a comic-adaption of Marquis de Sade’s book with the same title), or „Des Engels Kralle“ (that’s the german title of a comic-book by Moebius and Jodorowski) – I once read both them – these comic-books are really shocking and cruel (the distribution of the first one was forbidden here in germany for many years…)

      As a teenager I especially liked the comic-series „Gespenster-Geschichten“ (that was a thin weekly comic with short horror-stories issued by the german book-label „Bastei“).

      Concerning the quartett-games with „cartoon-characters“ (from tv-cartoon-series. which were mostly also issued as comic-books) we also have some of those in our quartett-game-collection – for example: „Captain Future“, „Heidi“ and „Pinocchio“ (all issued by ASS), or „Walt Disney’s Kunterbund“ and „Sindbad“ (both issued by FXS).

      Nice Greetings


  4. Yes Michel Vaillant is one of my favourites off course! The series have stopped a few years ago and this year they have ‚restarted‘ the series. He now has a son of around 18 years or so…

    @Sandra: I know 666 from Froideval (he has many other of these kind of series), but it is not really my cup of tea. Sasmira on the other hand is absolutely great. Unfortunately the original scenarist (Vicomte) had a hard time to get the second album out, and eventually someone else did the second album, about 10 years or so after the first one.
    Justine and Barbarella I know, but I don’t collect this genre.

    Suske en Wiske is very popular in my country, and I have all of them. In recent years these have become better again. During the early 2000s the storylines were really bad, it was too complicated for the kids, but still too easy for parents, so in the end nobody was interested. Now they focus again more towards the children aged 8-12, and they manage to do a good job.

    I was wondering, in the 70s Willy Vandersteen (original author of Suske en Wiske) had a huge success in Germany with weekly (?) comics of Jerom (Wastl apparently in your country) and Bessy (about a dog). Do you know these? Storylines are very ‚thin‘, and many of these have been re-issued in Belgium, but not all.

    I’m surprised you know Luc Orient, as I thought it was only issued in France and Belgium. I also have all the albums. The original author (Eddy Paape) died about a year ago.

    • Hi Giacomo,

      yes, „Sasmira“ is really a very fine comic-book with great pictures and a very good story, too! (I in general like these stories about the ancient egyptian myths and stories about the pyramids, pharaos etc.)

      I have got three comic-books from „Suske en Wiske“; I bought them 1986 on a flea market in the Netherlands (during a holiday in Noordwijk with my parents at that time). Although I couldn’t and still can’t speak the dutch language (these comic-books are in dutch language for sure), it is possible for me as a german to understand the most of the words there, because many of the dutch words are quite similar to the german expressions (and also by looking at the pictures, the cohesion and the plot of the story, it is possible to understand the stories for me there).
      These Suske en Wiske comic-books are funny and the drawings are also good! (By the way – into one of these three Suske en Wiske comic-books I own appear cool cars, too! – A green Ford („Knudsen“) Taunus and a black Citroen DS!)

      Yes, I know both of these comics („Wastl“ and also „Bessy“) by Willy Vandersteen and read some of these in the past, too.

      And yes, the comic-books „Luc Orient“ were also distributed in germany (in german language)! During the years 1983-1985 they were distributed in germany by the label „Bastei“. My boyfriend has got the following numbers of these early Luc Orient-issues: 10, 11 and 12.
      Later in the the 90’s some of these Luc Orient-comic-books were re-issued here in germany by the label „Carlsen Verlag“; but „Carlsen Verlag“ changed the cover-design then (in my opinion in a negative way; that’s the reason why I prefer the first german-issues of Luc Orient by the label „Bastei“).

      Nice greetings


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